PERMAFIT 500 Moottorisänky
Kehosi muuttuu
Permafit Innovation

The Permafit System is a Finnish innovation that was born after decades of product development. Permafit System includes beds, mattresses, firm mattresses, and mattress pads. Each Permafit System bed has aguarantee of 15 years.    

Your Permafit bed can be customized to fit your style. For example, how would it sound to have a Permafit 500 bed with let’s say 44 Swarovski diamonds?


Permafit Qualities

Very few of us live our life without any changes in our body for 15 years. When your body changes, does your bed? Patented Permafit System -technology provides you with a bed that adopts to different stages in life. Permafit bed fits permanently: it notes any changes in body or weight as well as all ageing effects.